Beginning Again

For years, I’ve documented my adventures in and out of the kitchen on Rush Slowly. It’s been a good little blog full of the food that sustained me through my college years, the things I did/saw/thought while traveling, oh, and some stuff about that time I got married! That was pretty neat.

But I’m turning twenty-five in a few days, and that seems like a very grown-up number. I’ve also fallen completely head-over-heels in love with Manhattan in the last two years that we’ve lived here, and I’d like a slightly more grown-up blog that reflects that adoration.

So here we are. You’ll see some new recipes and old favorites from Rush Slowly here, as well as reviews of restaurants, bakeries, markets, ice cream shops, streets made for wandering—my favorite bits of NYC. I might even dedicate a post or two to those times when I get crafty. Maybe. If the crafts turn out/ever get finished.


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